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  1. The official number shall be affixed along with the letter S 16 to each mainsail used by a Sweet Sixteen Class sloop.

  2. The Secretary of the Association shall maintain a permanent record of each Sweet Sixteen Class sloop, showing number, name, and ownership.


  1. The owner shall be responsible for the accurate measurement and registration of his yacht in accordance with Class procedure set forth in the Association Bylaws, Article III, Section 2, and these Standing Rules, Article XI, Registration Procedure and wherever in this Document such specific instruction shall appear.

  2. It shall be the sole responsibility of every owner of a registered Sweet Sixteen to maintain his sloop in accordance with the Class Rules.

  3. A yacht shall be subject to measurement upon protest if there is reasonable evidence of alterations or non-conformance to Class Rules and/or Measurements and Specifications.


  1. The official code of Racing Rules, which shall govern all National Sweet Sixteen Class races held by the Association, shall be that of the current US SAILING RULES OF RACING except where they may conflict with the rules of the Sweet Sixteen Class, in which event the Sweet Sixteen Class Rules shall be used. It is recommended that the rules of US SAILING and the National Sweet Sixteen Sailing Association shall likewise govern all fleet races.


  1. Instructions contained in race circulars must adhere to the Sweet Sixteen Sailing Association Bylaws. In the case where ‘local’ rules are used, they must be in written form. The only way ’Local’ rules can override any Sweet Sixteen Sailing Association Bylaw, is by a ruling of the Association Executive Committee.


  1. In all races sanctioned by the association, every Sweet Sixteen must be registered with the Association and its skipper/owner must be a member in good standing.

  2. In all sanctioned races the correct number and Sweet Sixteen insignia must be displayed on both sides of the mainsail. The boat’s sail numbers shall not be less than 12 inches high. The Starboard insignia and sail numbers are to be centered between the top two battens. Port insignia and sail number shall be centered between the middle two battens.

  3. In a sanctioned race the same number of crew shall be carried through all races of a series. The number of persons in on boat shall be not less than two. The same crew aboard at the start of any race must be aboard at the finish. Crew may not be changed during any race series unless due to illness or injury.

  4. In all sanctioned races no dead weight can be carried as stationary or shifting ballast.

  5. In all sanctioned races the following equipment is suggested for safety: one paddle/oar, one bailer or self-bailer, one life jacket per sailor on board.

  6. In all sanctioned races no sails other than approved jib, main, and spinnaker can be used.

  7. In all sanctioned races the same helmsman shall skipper the boat through out the series or regatta. The helmsman can relinquish the helm in cases of emergencies or making adjustments.


  1. In deciding any question, the intended meaning of the rules shall prevail. In the case of a situation not covered by established policies, previous precedents will be taken into consideration when making a decision.


  1. Purpose: The National Championship is conducted annually to determine the National Champions of the Sweet Sixteen Class.

  2. Date: This shall be determined by the Executive Committee in conjunction with the local fleet which is hosting the event.

  3. Race Committee: The Race Committee is responsible for arranging for the proper facilities, entertainment, dinner/meeting, Notification of Race and Sailing Instructions.

  4. Fleets: The National Championship shall consist of three fleets; Spinnaker, Main & Jib, and Novice. For the purposes of sportsmanship, a Novice is defined as a skipper not known as an accomplished sailor and/or known to be generally lesser experienced than other participants. Any conflict in this matter will be resolved by Commodore and members of the Executive Committee. The Champion of the Novice Fleet must move to either Spinnaker or Main & Jib fleet at their next participating National Championship.

  5. Number of Races: The National Championship shall consist of a maximum of six races, of which one may be thrown out. If four or less are sailed, all must be counted.

  6. Qualifications: Each skipper entering the National Championship must be a member in good standing of the Association. He/She must also be a registered owner, coowner, or family member of the yacht to be sailed by him/her. Exceptions; see Chartering in the Association Bylaws, Article VI Membership, Section 4, A and B.

  7. Crew: There shall be one skipper and one crew member. The same skipper and crew aboard at the start of any race must be aboard at the finish. Crew may not be changed during any race series unless due to illness or injury or notification of a required change is made at time of registration.

  8. Measurement: Every Sweet Sixteen entered into the National Championship may be subject to measurement and approval of the Chief Measurer, prior to the first race.

  9. Notices: During the National Championship, official notices affecting the participants must be posted on a bulletin board daily. The responsibility of reading these notices rests with the entrants

  10. Trophies shall be awarded to First, Second, and Third place finishers of the Spinnaker, Main & Jib, and Novice Fleets. An additional trophy will be awarded to the crew member of each awarded boat.

  11. Awards are made to the skipper, not the boat, and maybe retained by him/her for use on any boat he/she may sail while a member of the National Sweet Sixteen Sailing Association.


  1. All honors awards and trophies not associated with the National Regatta shall be separately defined for the membership. Such definitions shall occur at the annual meeting.

  2. The National Sweet Sixteen Sailing Association will designate the overall winner of the National Regatta as the Sweet Sixteen National Champion. The overall winner will be determined by starting the JAM and Spinnaker class together and the National Champion will be the winner of the combined start in the National Regatta. A separate trophy will be awarded to the National Champion at the National Regatta.


  1. The National Sweet Sixteen Sailing Association shall not be liable for any debts contracted by its fleets or officers other than those authorized by the Commodore.


  1. The official specifications shall consist of a series of rules and/or drawings approved by the members of the National Sweet Sixteen Sailing Association. See Class Rules, Measurements and Specifications.

  2. Specifications, however complete, cannot anticipate every possible situation. If an issue is not covered, or is not obvious, then a ruling must be obtained from the Chief Measurer. In making his ruling, the Chief Measurer will bear in mind the basic principle of the specifications that is to maintain the Sweet Sixteen as a standard one-design class.


  1. Every Sweet Sixteen owner must apply to the Sweet Sixteen Sailing Association for a membership and registration.

  2. Those purchasing a Sweet Sixteen must register the boat under the new ownership with the Secretary of the Association to participate in any National Sweet Sixteen Sailing Association event.

  3. If measurements are not in accordance with the Class Rules, the Chief Measurer will notify the owner of the infraction.



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