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  1. Class rules, however complete cannot anticipate every possible situation which may arise. If a point is not covered, or it’s meaning obvious, a ruling must be obtained from the Chief Measurer. He or she shall bear in mind that the basic principle of the class rules is to maintain the Sweet Sixteen as a standard one-design Class.

  2. To be eligible for registration, the hull, spars, standing rigging, sails, centerboard and rudder blade must conform strictly throughout in respect to design and dimensions

Article II HULL

No modification of the hull is allowed except of the following: installation of bailers, transom flaps (30 square inches maximum combined area), jib furling gear, traveler, running lights, general convenience items, and safety equipment. Alterations for the purpose of reducing hull weight or change of the underwater shape are strictly prohibited.


No modification of the centerboard is permitted except that it may be faired back from the leading edge to a distance of one half inch and forward from the trailing edge by two inches. The centerboard may be painted to reduce drag and corrosion. The perimeters of the board may not be altered or the wetted surface increased from the class specification.


No modification of the rudder blade dimensions or construction material is permitted.


  1. The following are not allowed: hiking aids extending or capable of extending outboard of the gunwales. Trapeze is not permitted. Two flexible side stays and one flexible forestay only are permitted. Spreaders are optional. Devices for quickly changing shroud tension while racing are not permitted.

Article VI MAST & BOOM

No modifications or substitution for original section(s) is allowed. No tapered mast or boom is allowed. Halyard locks, blocks, cleats, and levers are optional. Winches are not allowed.


  1. All dimensions shown on the sail plans are maximum. All measurements will be made tip to tip/edge to edge, under moderate tension. Weight of material and cut is optional. One suite of sails and one spinnaker only is allowed during any race or race series. If a sail is damaged to the point of being unusable, the sail may be changed. One hole only is allowed for attaching tack. Cunningham grommet is permitted. No zippers, double luffs or other special innovations not specifically shown on the sail plan are allowed. Size and placement of insignia and sail numbers must be according to the sail plan.

  2. Sweet Sixteen may carry an approved main, jib and spinnaker and no other sails shall be permitted.

  3. Sheet winches are not allowed.

End of Class Rules, Measurements and Specification

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