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2016 Pete Peterson Series Race #1

Great day for sailing at Shawnee Mission Park, with 2 Sweet 16’s in attendance.   Art Matje with his crisp new sails lead the way with only a slight complication.  A capsize right before the finish line of the first race threatened his lead.  Ever thinking, he got the boat righted, leaving his crew hanging off the bow of the boat they crossed the finish line.   The race committee and racers around them agast!  When quizzed about it afterwards, Ken Bruening , his crew justified the action as a means of keeping the water out of the transom and allow them to finish with good time.  As always, an innovative, entertaining  approach from Art and Ken!

Mark Schotte was there but broke his centerboard while launching.

Looks like we missed a great day sailing at Shawnee Mission Park.    

Art and Stacy are now leading the points in the 2016 Pete Peterson Series. 

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