New Learn to Race Program at Jacomo Sailing Club

This course will be taught by Doug Day at the Jacomo Sailing Club’s new Training Facility on Lake Jacomo.  Mr. Day is an accomplished sailor and a celebrated racing enthusiast. 

Each class will focus on one specific aspect of sailboat racing. Topics will include “The Starting Line”, “The First Beat” and “Positioning for the Mark Rounding”.

The classroom session will be on Tuesday evening starting June 21st from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.  Additional classes will be scheduled on June 28th, July 5th,  July 12th and July 19th.

Scheduling of the On-The-Water demonstrations will be with input from participating students. 

This is an incredible opportunity for new sailing skippers and crew.  As a member of the Jacomo Sailing Club it is presented to you free of charge.  Just register via email with John Hays.  Space is limited.

This opportunity is so good it is worth joining the Jacomo Sailing Club for the price of admission…

Training Chair – John Hays

For jacomo sailing club members it’s a free class (part of membership ) and nonmembers can get the class (5 nights ) for the cost of an assoc. Membership ( $65.)